The piercing
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Maya tries to pressure Riley into getting a piercing, but Riley has second thoughts about it.

The piercing

"I'm not sure about it!" Riley muttered anxiously as Maya and herself rode the subway. "My mom and dad will be so mad!"

"You are such a coward; I knew you'd back away!" Maya teased, chuckling, as she guided her out of the subway, having arrived at their stop.

"It was your idea, Maya! You're the one that gets us in trouble"

Maya laughed and nodded at this accusation.

"That's not a lie!" She chuckled, and shrugged, looking up the stairs. "The piercing parlor is two blocks away. Are you coming or what?"

"They will really give us piercings? I mean, we're only 16"

"I know a guy"

"You always do! But still..."

"Look, are you coming or not?"

Riley hesitated but remembered what her father had told her about peer pressure, and though she wanted to be cool like Maya, she finally decided against it.

"I'm not, no... And neither should you, Maya" She muttered.

"Look, piercings are cool and everything, but if this place is willing to bend the rules to get you one without authorization from your mom, I'm sure they cut a lot of corners as well."

Maya frowned then, crossing her arms. "What are you saying?"

"We'll get them when we're 18. Both of us, I promise. But not now, alright?"

Maya seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding.

"Fine. You've got yourself a deal... but let's go up anyway, you're buying me ice cream to make it up to me" She winked playfully at Riley.

Riley chuckled and nodded, holding her best friend's arm as they stepped up toward the streets above.

"You got it, Maya"

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