The owl
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The owl became a part of her life, and Sarah is finally ready to accept it.

The owl

For many years to come, Sarah continued to see him.


Not his physical shape, not his human form. No, it wasn't quite so easy, quite so obvious.

Sarah would always notice an owl looming around. Always the same owl, no matter where she was or how long it had been since she last saw it.

She knew it was him. Taking care of her in his very own way, ensuring she was alright, watching her grow into adulthood.

After she married and had children of her own, Sarah imagined he'd go away, but he never did. He would stare from a branch in a nearby tree as her kids played merrily in the backyard.

At first, she was worried he'd try and take them, but he just watched, just contemplated her life at a distance.

It was many years before Sarah spoke to him, many years of silence and quiet acceptance. Finally, she felt like she was ready to address him at last.

"You have no power over me... But it's nice to have you around" She told the owl with a warm smile, as her children smiled up at the beautiful bird. "Let's go back inside, kids"

With a last smile at Jareth, Sarah turned around and followed her children inside her house.

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