The morning after A Nami and Sanji love story

The morning after
A Nami and Sanji love story nami stories

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Nami and Sanji finally are an item! They spent the night together and wake up in each other's arm. What will they do now that they're dating?
Will they let the rest of the straw hat pirates crew about their blooming relationship?

The morning after A Nami and Sanji love story

Sanji barely opened his eyes as the first rays of sunshine cracked through his cabin's windows. He could feel Nami's perfect body pressed against him, covered only by the sheets on his bed.

He stared down at her flowing, gorgeous red hair and smiled to himself.

He had finally managed to get Nami to give him a chance, and it was as perfect as he could have imagined. Better even!

"You're so adorable." He whispered, kissing the top of her head.

"I could literally kick your ass right now, you know" She grunted back, still half asleep, giving his stomach a little swat just to make a point.

"I know, Nami-san" Sanji replied, grinning brightly. If it was the price to pay to get a chance with her, he'd take her beatings every single day!

Nami rubbed her eyes lazily, stretching against him and Sanji felt himself swooning over how absolutely gorgeous she was, and how lucky he was in turn.

"I think we should keep this a secret for now... at least until we are sure it's going to work. I don't want to freak everyone out if this is just temporary"

"Keep it a secret?!" He replied, wide-eyed "I want to announce it to shout to the four winds!"

"Oh, shush!" Nami smacked him again, harder this time, making him groan. "I'm serious!"

"I'm serious as well, Nami-san! I have been waiting for this for so long."

"I'm willing to go the distance" He told her sweetly, wrapping his arms tighter around her fit body and kissing her tenderly.

Nami couldn't help but smile against his lips and nodded reluctantly, though her grin was bright and sweet.

"Fine... Fine, we can tell people about it. But no screaming!"

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