The mentor and his sidekick
The mentor and his sidekick young justice stories

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Batman and Robin get into an argument. It doesn't end up well for Dick.

The mentor and his sidekick

"Like hell, I'm going to be the team leader!" Robin's annoyed voice was no match for Batman's stern look.

Dick had always been a rebellious one; Batman had been aware of this since the very day he tried to adopt the young boy.

He had been reluctant to accept his help, and as he grew up, though he trained and followed his mentor's instructions, he still always found small ways in which to rebel against.

And now, as he had finally decided Robin was ready to lead his own team, the little brat was fighting him even in this decision.

"You are going to do as you are told."

"I certainly am not!" Robin hissed back, crossing his arms tightly and putting his foot down. "I have no intention of leading the team"

"We believe you are ready for it" Batman tried to reason with Robin, but apparently there was no getting under that thick skull of him. "It's a direct order, Richard."

It was almost unprecedented that Batman used his full name instead of his codename, and this caught Dick's attention.

"I mean it" Batman added, a thinly veiled threat in his voice. Before Robin could even answer, the caped vigilante turned around and stepped out of the room.

Robin took a step forward, fisting up his hands into tight balls.

"I'm not doing it!" He screamed behind his mentor but knew he was bullshitting himself by now. There was no way he could avoid it; try as he might. The decision had been made for him already...

Robin was at least going to make damned sure he would be the kind of leader he decided to be, and not the one they expected him to turn into.

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