The housecarl
The housecarl elder scrolls stories

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Lydia enters the Dragonborn's life and he is immediately smitten by her.

The housecarl

Having a personal bodyguard as an honor he didn't see coming.

He was granted the tittle of Thane by his efforts helping a village hounded by a cruel, despicable dragon, and with it, he obtained his very own housecarl.

One would have expected this bodyguard to be a moody, gigantic man, but it was quite the opposite: She was a young, beautiful, eligible woman.

It made fighting hard, since keeping his eyes off her was a struggle in and of itself.

Worse still was learning that as his housecarl, not only was beautiful Lydia swore to defend his life, but also a stunning distraction he did not want to let go of.

He had once, of course, asked him if she was spoken for, and she acted coyly, replying she indeed was, why wouldn't a woman like herself receive marriage proposals?

She added, then, if he was interested. The implications were clear, and he wondered if having a wife by his side wasn't the best way to give his life significance outside of the battlefield.

Was his legacy only meant to be as an adventurer and warrior, or was he to leave behind a son or daughter to carry on his destiny?

The fact that she was a mighty, brilliant warrior didn't hurt her cause either. He always had a thing for strong, willful women.

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