The clone
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Superman and superboy finally have a heart to heart.

The clone

All he ever wanted was to create some sort of connection with the man he was cloned from, and yet Superman kept avoiding him like the plague.

"Do you even want me here? Do you even believe I can be good for this group?" Superboy blurted out on one of the few occasions he got to see Superman, and an uncomfortable moment followed.

"You are a good boy," He replied reluctantly, sighing heavily. "This is not an easy situation for any of us."

"You think?" Conner replied snarkily, crossing his arms defensively.

"I am trying here, Conner."

"Trying?!" He replied sharply, shaking his head filled with anger. "Ignoring me isn't trying. Pushing me away and refusing to talk to me isn't trying!"

"I know it's hard to understand, but put yourself in my shoes, Superboy, I---"

"I will never put myself in your shoes! You were the one who saw a confused kid and turned your back on him when he needed you the most."

The silence between them was thick, almost palpable. Superman nodded humbled.

"You are right. I failed you, Conner. I failed you, but I want to make it up to you. I'm sorry: Let me try now."

Superboy's features softened, and though he tried to stop himself from smiling, he couldn't help but let his relief come across.

"I already have friends in my life. People who help me."

"I could be another one. I'm asking for a chance to make this up to you. Nothing more"

Slowly, Conner nodded and stretched his arm toward Superman. They shook hands, a small smile forming on both their faces -- the very same smile, clone, and original.

"Good. We should go train now."

Conner's smile grew wider. "Yeah, that's a good idea."

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