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A ritual to summon the Ancient one and begin your very own answer game. Remember: The truth always has a price.
(Creepypasta ritual)

The answer game

For as long as mankind has existed, the need for answers has hounded their lives.

Sometimes the questions we make ourselves are existential, dealing with our own mortality, the afterlife and the meaning of life itself. Sometimes, we need solutions to our own problems.

Whatever the case, and only if you are desperate enough for answers, there is a ritual you can resort to.

Just remember, knowledge is a powerful tool, and whoever wields it may demand a high cost to offer the answers you search for.

This is a game you can play for as long as you wish to, but once you put a stop to it, you can never go back to playing it, so be careful with your decisions along the way.

Surprisingly, you won't have to start this ritual in the dead of night, or a minute before midnight.

You won't need candles or an offering of blood. Not at first, at least. The being answering your questions might demand it... in time.

What you'll need is a single drawer in your room no one but you has access to and a great deal of patience.

This drawer will need to remain locked for exactly a month, with a single piece of paper folded inside.

In it, you will write, in your own handwriting: 'Ancient one, I have questions, and I'm willing to pay the price for your answers'.

That's all you have to do to begin playing. Simple, right? Well, it's about to get far more dangerous, believe me.

After the month is over, you will open the drawer. Make sure you are alone in your room when you do it. If the piece of paper is torn apart, close the drawer immediately.

I'd recommend you throw away the piece of furniture it was in, but if you want to risk your life, just keep it around. It's up to you: just don't tell me I didn't warn you.

If the piece of paper is still folded, your offer has been denied, but the creature you contacted is not angry at your request. You may try again in a month's time.

If, instead, the piece of paper is unfolded and you can read your own handwriting on it without having to touch it, your invitation has been accepted. The ancient one is ready to play.

Remember, always remember, every single answer will come at a cost. The problem is you won't know what the cost is until after the reply arrives.

As you would imagine, a small question will carry a small cost. Do you want to know if it'll rain the next day? Don't worry about having to pay a high price for that piece of knowledge.

The process is simple: Each night before bedtime, write your question on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it in the drawer, making sure to lock it afterward.

In the morning, simply open it once more and your answer will be there, written down in your own handwriting. With it, however, you'll find instructions.

Sometimes the ancient one will simply ask you a question, which you must answer in the same way you make your own inquiries. Sometimes, it will demand you to fulfill an action of their liking.

It might be small and inconsequential, like picking up every object you touch with your left hand. If that's the case, consider yourself lucky.

Remember, though, once you have your answer, you can't deny the cost demanded. It's a very bad idea to think you can avoid paying the price after you made a deal.

The game must be played every single night for it to continue. You may end it an any given time, by just placing a last piece of paper thanking the ancient one for their answers.

They will, however, demand a final sacrifice from you. Remember to follow through, no matter how painful or strange.

If you are concerned you'll have questions in the future that will go unanswered, don't worry: You can keep on playing indefinitely. Just be ready to always pay the price.

It might be odd to jump around on one foot for an entire hour, but just do it. Be careful making complicated, life-changing questions, though: The cost will be steep indeed.

The ancient one loves blood, after all, and you don't want them asking for more than a few drops, believe me.

Now, a last warning before you begin playing: The final demand will be harder to fulfill the longer you play the game. If you give up after a single night, don't expect much to happen...

but can you truly give up your source of endless answers that fast? Don't you want to know when and how you'll die? Why we are all here?

Don't you want to discover when you'll find true love, or the numbers to the lotto-winning ticket?

The ancient one can help you obtain them all... for a price.

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