That strange emotion called jealousy
That strange emotion called jealousy mass effect stories

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Liara confesses her feelings for Shepard. How will he react?

That strange emotion called jealousy

"What's the matter, Liara?"

Commander Shepard had noticed the asari researcher unusually quiet over the past few days and thought at first he had decided to give her some space, it was high time they cleared the air.

Liara had barely acknowledged him as they crossed paths in the ship's corridors, and she hesitated for a moment as he spoke to her, as if considering what the best course of action would be.

"You humans are strange" She began explaining cautiously, her blue skin taking a darker hue all of a sudden.

'Is she blushing?' The commander thought to himself, giving Liara a quizzical look.

"I don't pretend to understand all your complex rituals and feelings, but it seems I am experiencing one of them" She finally blurted out, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Was she glaring at him? It seemed she was glaring at him.

"And what emotion might that be?"

"Well... Jealousy" She admitted at last and looked away from the Normandy's commander. "I feel bad for Ashley, but I can't handle you flirting with her any longer.

Each time I see you smiling at her that way, I get all antsy and angry!"

Shepard stared at the beautiful blue-skinned woman for a moment, startled by this revelation. Liara took advantage of this and asked:

"So... Will you stop?"

A smile finally tugged at the corners of Shepard's lips, and he stepped closer to Liara, pulling her close into an embrace.

"I will, Liana, for you."

She grinned brightly, hugging him back and looking up at him with a mix of guilt and happiness.

"I feel bad for her." "I know you do." "But I want you all for myself" She whispered, leaning upward to kiss him.

Shepard tilted his head down toward Liana and caught her lips in his, kissing her passionately as they confessed their love for each other.

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