Sometimes the villain wins

           Sometimes the villain wins zootopia stories
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What if Judy hadn't realized the real villain was Dawn Bellwether until it was too late? The villain wins in this story, with dire consequences for Zootopia.

Sometimes the villain wins

Judy had not realized until it was too late that Mayor Bellwether wasn't to be trusted. She had been such a great aid since they met, and looked so innocent and helpful.

She had given the case filled with the only evidence she had left and had been betrayed.

The evidence was destroyed promptly and without too much fuzz.

Judy had confronted Dawn Bellwether, but she had been smart and refused to admit any wrongdoing, so she hadn't been able to record any confession.

The Mayor had won. Most of the population were preys, 90% in fact, and so her plans carried on with some protests but not as much fuzz as anyone would have expected.

It wasn't that all predators were vanished from the city outright, but their roles in society were greatly diminished, and segregation began to slowly but steadily settle in.

Judy could not deal with this reality.

She had done everything in her power to expose the Mayor, but in the end, she had been outsmarted and was worried about what would become of Nick if they stayed in Zootopia.

So the couple decided to move back into her home town, far from the prominent skyscrapers, far from Dawn's plans and decided to live a quiet life in the countryside.

It was not what she had hoped for, and her own mistakes broke her heart, but in the end, it was what was best for her new family.

Mayor Bellwether went on to achieve popularity, unlike any of her predecessors.

Soon, she implemented the next step in her plan, and no one could stop her any longer, without evidence of her wrongdoings and most of the population backing up her decisions.

She announced a new bill which kept predators from voting in the upcoming elections. Their nature, she reasoned to the public, made them anything but trustworthy.

She sat in her office, overseeing the city, listening to the news as she smiled wickedly to herself. Now she truly wouldn't face any opposition. Those meddlesome beasts were finally subdued.

Who would dare boss her around now? Dawn Bellwether had tasted revenge and had developed a taste for it. This was the rule of the preys now and it would stay that way.

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