She's gone
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The team must deal with the aftermath of Kate's murder.

She's gone

They sat together, in silence.

I t was the day after Kate's funeral, and though they had all gathered at the office, no real work was being done.

Kate's death had been sudden, traumatic, and the echoes of everything her being gone implied was still soaring through her friend's bodies and hearts like lighting.

Even Tony was silent that day, staring at the ground and fidgeting with a pen, unsure what do to with himself. Gibbs, usually the boss with a quiet disposition, was downright morose that morning.

How could his coworkers know he blamed himself for this young woman's death? That he carried a heavy burden in his heart no one could remove?

They sat silently, yet relieved to be among each other. At least they didn't have to deal with the consequences of her death alone, at least they had each other.

Abby had her favorite drink sitting by her side on the desk, but she had not touched her.

She rarely went an hour without smiling, but even that day, she could not bring herself to think of a single reason to giggle or laugh.

"I miss her" It was finally Abby who broke the silence, and Ducky patted her shoulder paternally.

"We all do, Abigail" He replied warmly, offering her a quiet nod.

It was a quiet day in their office, but at least they had each other, and somehow, they'd get through it together.

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