Sarah and Toby
Sarah and Toby labyrinth stories
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Toby begs his sister for a bedtime story.

Sarah and Toby

"Sarah, Sarah!" Little Toby called her beloved older sister.

It had been a few years since that fateful night Sarah had rescued her baby brother, and since then, she had realized just how much she adored the annoying little rascal.

"What is it, Toby?" She asked, entering his room and smiling sweetly as he sat up on his bed.

"Tell me that story again!"

"Again? I've told it a million times!"

"But it's my favorite one!" He pleaded, grabbing his sister's hands.

Sarah chuckled lightly and nodded.

"Fine, fine" She sighed and sat by his side, combing his hair and prompting him to lay back down "Close your eyes so you fall asleep as I tell it to you"

Toby obeyed, closing his eyes promptly. He always fell asleep before she finished the tale.

"Once upon a time, a little baby stole a lovely teddy bear"

"Was it me?"

"Hush, silly, no questions" She chuckled and continued "And his sister was very, very mad. So mad, that she begged the goblins to take him away. Much to her surprise..."

"They did! But the girl realized her mistake, and so she begged the goblin king to return the sweet, if annoying, little baby to her arms"

Sarah didn't even reach the dance part of the story. Toby was already asleep by then. She smiled and kissed her brother's forehead.

"Sleep tight, Toby" She whispered, as she stepped out of his room, smiling as she saw him hugging Lancelot tightly in his arms.

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