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Reset, reset, reset, was Flowey's favorite, twisted game.


"Reset, reset, reset, that's all I've done for centuries now.

Almost no one notices, as no matter how much destruction I cause the world is always reset back into the same point after I get bored" Flowey explained, dancing around and smiling like a madman.

"It still doesn't excuse what you've done!" Frisk protested, shocked by the level of sadism this flower was suddenly showing so devastatingly.

"Why not? People who suffered are now ok again, and everything is back to normal!"

"Because you've still done it because you've played with people's feelings and harmed them just because you were bored"

"As long as I keep resetting the world over and over and over again, no one minds!" The cynical flower replied with a tone so merry it sounded saccharine, fake and over the top.

Flowey was making fun of him.

"You should mind!"

"Why? I can't feel anything any longer! I can't feel sadness or happiness or anything else for that matter, so why should I care?"

"Because it's wrong" Frisk replied without hesitation. "And I will stop you, I'll make you see harming people is wrong, even if no one can remember it"

"We'll see about that" Flowey smirked cruelly to himself as he allowed Frisk to escape. He had plans for the little boy.

Soon he'll be able to enact his true plans and reset the world for real once and for all.

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