Nightwing's decision
Nightwing's decision young justice stories

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Dick's thoughts as he abandons his Robin persona and becomes Nightwing, deciding to go solo for the first time in his life.

Nightwing's decision

It was harder than I'll ever admit out loud, to leave the group. Through those years working alongside them in our very own group, our very own vigilante initiative, they became my family.

I was the joker of the group, always cracking jokes, behaving like some sort of younger brother. A bit of a brat perhaps at times, teasing and mocking them.

Maybe I was acting out after my time with Batman, how could I not when he was always so stern and distant with me? It was my way of coping, I suppose.

It was hard leaving them behind. I still see them every once and again, and I always talk to them.

I try to help if they are in trouble, but I am not longer a part of their day-to-day life, I no longer fight by their side, train by their side.

I miss my family. Damn it, if anyone could hear my thoughts, they'd never let me hear the end of it!

If only I could have stayed with them... but I needed to grow, to become my own person, to grow into the superhero I am now.

Nightwing, no longer a sidekick, no longer a team member, no longer Robin. I'm ready to start anew, to begin a new path.

I'll miss them terribly, but I'll always be there for them. Just a call away.

Not that I'll ever admit any of this out loud.

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