My shooting Star
My shooting Star star vs the forces of evil stories

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A POV story about Marco's feelings for his shooting Star.

My shooting Star

She's amazing.

I can't believe there even was a life before her. Everything was so boring, grey, dull.

Now, my world is filled with light, color, and excitement.

Star means the world to me. She's has jumped into my life like a shooting star and out of nowhere changed my whole outlook on how things are meant to be done.

Before meeting her, magic was a myth to me, before meeting her I never imagined traveling so wide and so far.

She pushes me to try new things I'd never even think of on my own. She encourages me to be braver, wiser. She introduced me to friends I never imagined meeting.

She's my shooting Star, and I love her more than I imagined a person could love another before she waltzed into my life with that bright smile and that sunny disposition,

always ready for the next adventure.

Even my family loves her. Even my own friends took an instant liking to her, and that's no surprise!

Star, if only I could open my heart and tell you exactly how I feel, perhaps you could truly be mine, fully mine, and I'd be by your side forever.

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