My dearest Jacen
My dearest Jacen star wars rebels stories

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Hera Syndulla tells her son about his father, Kanan Jarrus. He may have passed away protecting her, but she'll make sure Jacen knows everything about him,

My dearest Jacen

Jacen, I know it's not easy growing up without a father. If it were up to me, your dad would still be by our side, helping you grow into a fine young man.

He would train you in the force, as I can notice, even in your tender age, that you have the same potential he did.

Your father was brave, my darling son. He died protecting me, protecting up. Protecting his friends and the family, he left behind.

He was proud and rough around the edges, who could deny this, yet above all other traits, he was selfless.

He survived where others were defeated, took on a padawan even when it hurt him to remember everything he had lost. He was a leader to his crew and an inspiring presence in the Ghost.

He was a man to look up to, and through my stories, Jacen, I hope you will look up to him as well.

Your father once told me Jedi never truly died. They merge with the universe, becoming one with the force at last.

And I believe he was right: He's still here, all around us, cherishing us just as he would have done in life.

Each time you wield the force, my son, you will be connecting with your father, think of this. Think of him when you train. Think of him as you grow up.

Your father's name was Caleb Dume, Jacen, though most of us knew him as Kanan Jarrus.

Never forget his name and let the lessons he left behind through his life guide your path as you grow into the adult he wishes you would become.

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