My dearest Angela...
My dearest Angela... overwatch stories

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Genji writes a letter to his beloved Angela.

My dearest Angela...

My dearest Angela:

It's hard being so far from you.

I long for your kisses, your embrace, your beautiful smile.

Is it odd I even miss you healing me? Standing by my hospital bed and taking care of my scars and my wounds, making sure I took my medicine?

I should hate those memories, they are filled with pain and struggle, and yet your presence made it all look better. Made it all better.

I miss you. I know we cannot be together right now, but I still miss you.

You are in Irak, and I'm far in the mountains of Nepal, trying to finally find inner peace, trying to finally rediscover myself and come to grips with my past.

I understand we must be apart, but it doesn't make it any easier.

The moment we see each other again, I'm going to kiss you until our lips are sore and red. I miss feeling your gorgeous body against my own, I miss the sound of your laughter.

I know soon we'll meet again, I know soon we'll be in each other's arms and the world will make sense again.

For now, we must carry on with our journeys and find what we've been looking for. I hope I will return to you a better man than I was when I left.

My dearest Angela, promise you'll love me the same no matter how long we are apart.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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