Most people would avoid a Luthor
Most people would avoid a Luthor kara and lena stories

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Lena is thankful to have Kara as her friend.

Most people would avoid a Luthor

"You are amazing"

Lena's words took Kara by utter surprise. They were enjoying a quiet night in, and suddenly, as she was trying to choose a movie for them to enjoy together, Lena had praised her so beautifully.

"I am?"

"You definitely are" Lena replied, hugging her best friend warmly and kissing her cheek.

"Well, that was lovely... what do I owe the honor to?" Kara replied, chuckling lightly, and trying hard not to blush. Lena was so beautiful, after all!

"Kara, most people refuse to get close to me. Sure, when it comes to business deals or interviews, everyone wants a piece of me. But on a personal level? I'm a pariah."

"You never made me feel that way. You're always there for me, always supportive. I've never felt judged by you... not because of my last name, anyways"

Kara's smile widened and she nodded, holding her best friend's hand tenderly.

"You are not guilty of what your dad and your brother have done, Lena. You are your own person and... well, you are amazing too, if you ask me"

"See? This is why you're amazing. You even take compliments and make them a praise on the other person!" Lena chuckled and smiled brightly at Kara. "Well, enough silliness for tonight...

"What about that movie? It looks like fun!"

"Sure!" Kara was quick to reply, wondering if she'd ever be brave enough to confess her true feelings for her friend.

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