Monsters return to the surface
Monsters return to the surface undertale stories

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What happens after the monsters return to the surface?

Monsters return to the surface

People were shocked at first. They run to hide or tried to fight back, thinking they were here to invade them, to murder them.

The monsters. Horrible and terrifying, they could not possibly be up to any good, could they?

And yet, as time went by, humans realized monsters were very much like them in most every way. They cooked, they ate, they slept and they loved.

Most importantly, they were not here to bring war to the surface, but rather to live in harmony and forgive every mistake they had all committed against one another.

Peace was upon them, and though initially, it confused the humans, they accepted it. A gift should not be judged or questioned, merely accepted.

Thus, a new era began: A new world where humans and monsters lived in perfect harmony.

Monsters' magic allowed for many of humanity's problems to be resolved overnight, and humanity's heart managed to, slowly, grant monsters more confidence and determination.

The balance was once again established, and the recently born era showed great promise of a bright future. If monsters and humans learned to work together, what a world they could build.

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