Meeting the in-laws


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Nick gets ready to meet Judy's parents! Will he get cold feet or will Judy's confidence be enough to help him get over his nerves?

Meeting the in-laws

"Don't be so nervous, silly!" Judy chuckled as she helped Nick straighten his tie for the 10th time.

"I'm not nervous! It's just that this tie keeps getting all messed up."

"Yeah, right" She giggled as they stepped out the car.

"How many brothers and sisters did you say you have?"

"23" Judy replied casually, staring up at the house she grew up in. It was close to the main road, surrounded by acres of carrot and blueberry fields.

"Twenty--what?" He gulped down, trying not to look pale and intimidated.

"Don't worry! It's just about bedtime for most of them! So you'll only have to deal with half of them."

"And your parents!"

"They'll love you, Nick" She assured him, grabbing his arm tenderly and patting his side warmly. "They just want me to be happy."

"Carrot, your dad gave you a wolf repellant."

"Well, yeah... but that was way before! When I first left for Zootopia. He's much more evolved now. Plus, they already know about you."

Nick nodded, pretending to be confident and relaxed, but he tensed up visibly as Judy opened the door and tugged him inside her parent's living room.

"We're home!" She announced, just as her mom and dad stepped into view, with clearly nervous smiles on their still-friendly faces.

Smiling brightly, she gave Nick a little tug forward and added, "Mom, dad... Meet Nick. My boyfriend"

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