Love to see you smile
Love to see you smile
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Annabeth confronts Percy about a rumor she heard but discovers a truth she wasn't ready to unravel yet.

Love to see you smile

"Percy!" Annabeth screamed as she searched for him through the camp.

She was angry, and when Annabeth was angry, everyone around her could tell: She was stomping her feet harshly, looking around in search of her prey, and holding her sword ready for battle.

"Percy Jackson, where are you?!" She screamed once more, walking through the training grounds, her glare sharp and intense.

It was there that she found him, sparring with another demigod, and he stepped back as she rushed toward him, dodging her first attack.

"Whoah, Annabeth, what's the matter?!" He asked, dodging the second and blocking the third attack. But Annabeth just kept going "Why are you so angry?!"

"There's a rumor going on in the camp, that you're letting me win when we train!" She spat, attacking him again, and having to retreat as he shoved his sword forward. "Is it true?!"

"Well... yes"

Annabeth stood still after that, blinking in confusion. She wasn't expecting him to admit it so readily!

"And why would you do that?!"

"I---I like to see you smile, Annabeth" He muttered, lowering his sword.

She blushed furiously, opening her mouth in surprise.


"You smile when you win. I.... I love seeing you smile"

Annabeth gulped and looked around silently, noticing people gathered around staring at them.

"Well... stop doing it" She mumbled, and rushed away, not ready to face her feelings for Percy. Not yet anyways, and not in front of so many people!

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