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Lincoln thinks about his life as the only brother among so many sisters!

Lincoln's musings

10 sisters: I have 10 sisters!

There are always giggling and colors and bantering and messiness all over my house.

My sisters are all very different from one another, yes, but they are still all girls!

Some care about clothes, other about inventions, others about sports, but they are still all girls!

Sure, I have my best friend to spend time with a boy like me, but when I get home and when I wake up and surrounded by girl stuff and girl conversation and girls, girls, girls.

Even mom is a girl, if older.

It's only dad and me against the world, or at least against the rest of the house.

I sometimes want to just relax in my bed in my underwear and read my comic books alone, but there's always someone who needs to talk or play or ask me a favor.

It's such a mess all the time! Even if we try to keep things tidy, we are so many people living under one roof that it's almost impossible.

But would I change any of it? Would I choose to have fewer siblings, or some brothers instead of my sisters?

No! I wouldn't change it for the world!

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