Let me protect you
Let me protect you undertale stories

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Frisk wants to leave the safety of their home, but Toriel is too worried he'll get hurt out there.

Let me protect you

"Toriel, why do I have to stay inside all the time?" Frisk asked, looking out of the window as the goat-like monster sat on her favorite sofa, reading peacefully a book.

"Because the world is dangerous out there" She explained patiently, giving him a maternal smile.

"But I'm so bored all the time! And I want to return to the real world!"

"Oh, hush, my sweet boy. Don't I take good care of you?"

"Well, yes, but---"

"Don't I cook you lots of yummy pies?"

"Yes, you do, but---"

"Don't I read you bedtime stories?"

"You do, you do!" He screamed in frustration of being interrupted "But I still miss my world, and I don't want to cower any longer!"

Toriel sighed, resting the book on her lap and giving Frisk a compassionate look.

"I can't lose another child under my care. Please, stay with me. Let me protect you, at least until you are older"

Frisk bit his lower lip, but after a few seconds of initial hesitation, he nodded, unable to break this kind monster's heart.

"Ok, I'll stay. But not much longer... soon I'll have to go find my own road, Toriel"

"Soon... but not today, little one" She patted the seat by her side and smiled "Come, sweetie, I'll read you a story"

Smiling eagerly, Frisk nodded and rushed to her side, sitting down and getting ready to enjoy one of her amazing stories.

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