Just another day saving the world

Just another day saving the world power rangers stories

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Just a snippet of a regular day in the life of a Power Ranger

Just another day saving the world

Trini was starting to doze off as the history teacher droned on and on: today's lesson never seemed to end! It was then that her wristwatch began to buzz.

She had set it to vibrate silently so that she would avoid people staring around her when it started beeping.

Looking down at her watch, she noticed it was an emergency call from Zordon. She needed to get out of this class and soon!

After offering Mr.Thorne a mediocre but somehow acceptable excuse to having to leave early,

she stepped out the door with her hall pass in hand and noticed Kimberly and Zack already rushing toward the exit.

This was really an emergency!

Once outside, it took only a few more minutes before the rest of the group assembled. Billy had an exam, and he didn't manage to stand up and leave right away.

"Do any of you know what's going on?" "Zordon said the town hall was under attack" Tommy explained

They rushed away from school grounds, searching for a quiet corner to transform into their suits without anyone around to catch a glimpse of their real identities.

"It's Morphing Time!" Jason announced, leading the group into their morphing calls.

Dragonzord, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber-Toothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus! They screamed as they activated their powers.

With a sudden burst of energy and a blinding thunder, they went from the teenagers who had rushed out of school during class time to the Power Rangers ready to fight off evil.

Their journey to the town hall was quick, but already in the distance, they could notice Rita's minion causing havoc.

Grey and vicious, the putty patrollers grabbed and harmed those who attempted to get in their way. It did not matter: The 6 of them were there to stop them!

Kimberly and Trina fought close to one another, back to back, kicking and rolling, punching and jumping as they attacked and dodged the hoards of putty patrollers pushing against them.

It was Zack and Billy who fell into the roles of rescuing the workers being kept as hostages, freeing them from their attackers and fighting together to help everyone outside.

Tommy, as he struggled against a particularly feisty minion, was suddenly surrounded by a pack of four putty patrollers, who began attacking him at once,

having the green power ranger struggling to fend off the kicks and punches, grunting with each new attack.

"Tommy!" Taylor cried out, rushing to his aid and jumping over the heads of their enemies, landing next to his friend. He could tell even under the mask he was smiling.

"Took you long enough! He exclaimed humorously, but there was no time for further banter: Together, they managed to fight back their enemies' treacherous attacks.

Soon, the remaining minions escaped in fear, and those defeated vanished into thin air.

The Power Rangers were confident they could almost hear a frustrated, high-pitched scream dissolving into thin air. It was most likely Rita, angrily ranting against them, for once more foiling his plans.

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