Officer Judy meets her biggest fan
Officer Judy meets her biggest fan judy stories

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After catching a criminal, Judy's day is brightened up by her biggest fan!

Officer Judy meets her biggest fan

"Stop in the name of the law," Officer Judy cried, as the weasel squirreled away into the crowd, running away from the officers.

Judy was not going to let him get away quite so easily and charged behind him.

Nick was still at the police academy, so her partner was a large and robust, though not particularly limber, rhino by the name of Hank.

He was great when it came to moving or breaking stuff, but when it came to giving chase, his large size was, of course, an impediment to rushing through the crowds. It was when Judy shone.

She ran under the legs of a family of giraffes and then over the side of a wall, right behind the criminal at all times.

It was not easy keeping up, that weasel was surprisingly fast, but she was relentless and refused to give up.

Judy followed the criminal into downtown, down the hamster neighborhood and up onto the elephant side of time,

having to squeeze herself between diminutive buildings and dodge massive legs and trunks.

Finally, Judy hoped onto the back of a massive elephant and jumped forward, landing straight on the escaping criminal's back and rolling over the floor until she had him in cuffs, pinning him down onto the floor.

"Got you!" Judy exclaimed triumphantly, pushing him onto his feet. He tried to struggle, but it was in vain.

"Mommy, mommy, look! It's officer Judy!" A kid squealed a few feet away. It was a sweet little tiger's cub, and she was tugging at her mother's side to get to Judy.

"Honey, she's busy saving the city! You can't go there!" Her tigress mother protested, trying to get her kid to back away.

Just then, officer Hank arrived, and Judy looked up at him with a smile.

"Could you take him down to the station?" She asked and motioned toward the eager-looking child. "I'd like to make a kid's day."

"Sure, bunny," Hank replied with a grunt. He was usually so moody, "Come on, crook, get moving!"

With the robber out of the way, Judy walked over to the squealing tigress, she could not be older than 5 or 6 and was staring at her awestruck, pulling from her mother's skirt.

"Mom, she's coming our way!"

"Hello, little girl" Judy greeted her, standing proud and merry, even if she was even shorter than the cub.

"I noticed you wanted to come over and talk, do you want to be a police officer when you grow up?"

"Yes!" The cub squealed in delight, and nodded eagerly, "Just like you, miss Hopps!"

"She's your biggest fan, officer" Her mother added, giving Judy a grateful smile "Her entire room is filled with your posters!"

"Oh, wow. That's... so flattering!" Judy blushed, smiling brightly. She looked through her bag and grabbed an honorary cop sticker, offering it to the sweet little cub.

"I'm sure one day you'll be the best cop in the force!" "Not better than you!" The kid replied, almost jumping with excitement, "Look, mom! I'm a police officer!"

"Honorary police officer, honey!" Her mother reminded her with a little chuckle.

"I'll be a real one soon! Just like officer Hopps!"

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