It's over now, Bell-mère
It's over now, Bell-mère nami stories

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After defeating Arlong, Nami visits Bell-mère's grave and finally closes a painful chapter in her life. She shows her gratitude to Luffy for saving the town she grew in.

It's over now, Bell-mère

It was finally over.

Nami was kneeling by Bell-mere's grave, silently sobbing in relief. Her adoptive mother had loved this place so much, taking such care of her tangerines.

Arlong, that horrible man, threatened to ruin everything she held dear.

She had saved so much money to try and save the town she grew up in, and Bell-mere's tangerine orchard.

In the end, she had managed rescue it thanks to Luffy and her friends, finally defeating Arlong once and for all.

Nami heard steps behind her, and turned around, cleaning her tears off with the back of her hand in embarrassment. She didn't like people seeing her this emotional.

"Huh? Nami, what's the matter?" It was none other than Luffy standing there. Was he just looking for something to eat, or was he looking for her? Nami decided she didn't want to know.

"Nothing, nothing at all! Why do you have to be so nosy?!" She snapped at him, blushing furiously as she stood up.

"Ah? Well, I guess nothing's the matter then" He protested, frowning at her and shrugging. "I'll go find a place to sit down for lunch then!"

As Luffy turned around to leave, Nami stepped forward, grabbing his arm and pulling him closer.

Nami hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek softly and finally let go of him, still blushing lightly.

"What was that for?" He asked with a little smile tugging at the corners of his thin lips. His brows were pulled high on his forehead.

"I've worked so hard to finally be here, to finally feel free. And you helped me more than you can imagine. So..."

"I suppose it's a thank you" She replied with a sweet smile, more vulnerable than she usually allowed herself to be. "Come, I could also have some lunch!"

Giving a last look at her darling adoptive mother's grave, she smiled, free from the demons that had haunted her for so long, and began walking toward a new adventure.

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