Inside the labyrinth
Inside the labyrinth labyrinth stories
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A scene inside the labyrinth. Sarah thinks of giving up, but hearing Toby's cries motivates her to keep going.

Inside the labyrinth

"This place is a mess!" Sarah protested, turning around in circles and looking every which way. All paths looked just the same.

"I will never be able to find Toby in time!"

She continued to walk, feeling her heart beating fast in her chest. She was young, a mere teenager, having to deal with the consequences of her own foolish wishes.

"I'm so sorry, Toby, I never meant to say anything so stupid! I wish I could have dad here with me to help me find you!"

She sobbed quietly, sitting alone in a large piece of stone and covered her face with her hands.

In the distance, she swore she could hear Toby crying, and this sound brought her back her determination.

She couldn't lose precious time feeling miserable! Toby needed her, and she would be the big sister he deserved!

He might cry too much, but she loved her baby brother, and she would bring him back home!

She would hug him and put him back in his crib, she'd even lend him Lancelot whenever he wanted to borrow it!

"I'm coming, Toby!" She cried out, running down a corridor, following her instincts. She had a feeling this was the right way, a connection with her brother no one could break.

"I will find you soon, just wait for me!"

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