I'm over it
I'm over it sherlock stories

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Mary tries to get John to open up about his grief, but he refuses to admit he still misses Sherlock.

I'm over it

Mary had been dating John for the longest time, and yet, after all these months, he was still in mourning.

He had lost his best friend, and though he tried to pretend he was alright, she could see it in his eyes: He missed that Sherlock guy.

"Honey, I think you need to talk about him"

"About who?" John asked, pretending not to know who Mary was talking about. He always played dumb when it came to this subject.

Mary sighed heavily. It was clear he still wasn't ready to come to terms with his loss, but if he didn't admit how much it still hurt, even to himself, he'd never begin to heal.

"I'm talking about Sherlock. I know you still miss him. You need to address these feelings, talk to someone about it. I can be there for you"

"I'm over it, Mary. He killed himself. It's done, he made his decision" He muttered, clearly taken aback by the situation.

Mary hugged her boyfriend, wishing she could do more about it. Wishing she could help him but on this subject, but constantly bumping against the emotional wall he put up.

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