I'm not scared of the dark!
I'm not scared of the dark! labyrinth stories
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Toby doesn't want to admit he's afraid of the dark, but thankfully he always has friends around to help him out.

I'm not scared of the dark!

Toby was a big boy now... he couldn't be scared of the night, or of the dark, or even of sleeping alone.

So he hid underneath his sheets and pretended he wasn't scared, refused to call her mom or dad, or even Sarah to rescue him.

He heard small footsteps in his room, and though most kids would have been scared of this noise, to him it was a great relief.

"Guys?" He asked, peeking from behind his bedsheets.

"Look, Toby's still awake!" One of the goblins roaming his bedroom said merrily, and soon other trolls were scurrying from every corner.

"Shouldn't the little boy be sleeping?" Another goblin asked the creature standing by his side.

"He must be scared!"

"No! I'm not scared of the dark!" Toby protested.

"So you wouldn't mind us leaving?"

Toby bit his lower lip and sighed. He didn't want to admit it!

"I'd just like some company" He relented finally, lowering his eyes toward the floor.

"We're always here, Toby, we can dance whenever you are bored or protect you when you are scared!"

"That's so cool," Toby replied brightly and nodded. "So you'll stay while I fall asleep?"

The goblins nodded, and Toby laid down, closing his eyes far more confident now.

The goblins kept their words and stayed there keeping the little boy company, until he was deeply asleep, before leaving to dance with Sarah, who was awaiting their arrival.

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