I'm in a hurry
I'm in a hurry young justice stories
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The Young Justice's members are getting ready for a night out, but Wally is in no mood to wait.

I'm in a hurry

"Come on, come on!"

Robin rolled his eyes. There was Kid Flash again, tapping his foot so fast against the ground that he could probably end up making a welt on the wooden floor.

"Cool it, Wally" Dick muttered, leaning back on the sofa "The rest will be ready soon"

"But you know how Megan is, we'll be here forever until she's finished!"

"And what do you suggest, that we leave without her and Artemis?" Aqualad asked, entering the main room and giving Wally a quizzical look.

"Well---No..." He muttered, defeatedly, blushing lightly "I'm just getting bored of waiting, that's all"

"You always get bored of everything" Dick shrugged, smirking lightly.

"You can be such an asshole"

"That, I can" He admitted smugly, turning on the tv.

"No, don't do that! That means there's still at least half an hour till we leave"

"You better settle in, Kid Flash, I hear the girls are still choosing their outfits for the night"

Wally groaned in frustration and sat down reluctantly, but continued to tap his foot insistently as if it would do anything to hurry up the situation.

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