I will be his brother
I will be his brother star wars rebels stories

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Ezra meets baby Jacen, and he instantly feels a brotherly connection with his mentor's son.

I will be his brother

"I can't believe he's finally here" Ezra muttered, looking over baby Jacen's crib.

Hera had given birth to the little baby boy only two days ago, and due to his tasks at the Ghost, Ezra had been unable to return home earlier.

Little Jacen was his mentor's son. Kanan had died protecting the love of his life, and though it hurt, his padawan understood and respected his decision.

Gazing down at the sleeping baby, he smiled gently, seeing his mentor in this small bundle of joy.

He would need someone to guide him, a big brother of sorts, and Ezra was determined to be precisely that. It was what Kanan would have wanted.

"You can hold him, you know" Hera replied sweetly, and seeing Ezra's hesitation, she lifted up her son tenderly and helped Ezra position his arms in the right position to hold the newborn.

"Woah, he's so small" "Babies are supposed to be small, silly"

Ezra chuckled lightly and nodded, cradling Jacen with great care.

"I will be his brother, Hera. I will help you raise him" He promised solemnly, looking up at the Ghost's pilot, one of his closest friends. "I know you will, Ezra And Kanan does too, I can feel it"

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