I want you to love me
I want you to love me star vs the forces of evil stories

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Marco's fears are dissipated when Star reciprocates his feelings for her.

I want you to love me

"I want you to love me, because I love you" Star had told him, and to Marco, that was the best day in his entire life.

He had been so hesitant to admit his feelings for Star! After all, everything could be ruined by those three small words: I love you.

What if she didn't love him back? What if it was all wrong? What if it ruined their friendship?

He could lose Star and everyone he had met through her, as well as the adventures he would go on with her. Things could get so awkward, and then what?

And yet, everything turned out better than he could have ever expected it to! Star not only didn't reject his feelings but actively encouraged them.

Their first kiss was magical, just as magical as the beautiful blonde girl was.

He felt butterflies in his stomach and his heart began to flutter, beating so fast he was certain was going to explode any second now.

As she slipped away from his touch, Marco's smile was wide and silly, blushing all over.

"Does this mean... we're dating now?" He asked immediately, unable to stop himself from asking the question he had wanted to ask for so long.

"Of course!" Star hugged him tightly and kissed him again without hesitation.

Life was awesome.

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