I thought he loved me
I thought he loved me pride and prejudice stories

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Georgiana is heartbroken after she discovers the truth about her fiance, but her brother is there to support her through this difficult time.

I thought he loved me

Fitzwilliam and Georgiana sat together in her drawing-room, in absolute silence. It was the second day after her plans to elope with George Wickham had been foiled by her sudden confession.

She still could not bear look her brother in the eye, too ashamed of her actions, and finally realizing how she had been fooled by a man she loved so.

"Fitz..." She whispered, staring at her pale, small hands. She was pale as the snow outside the window, and her blue eyes filled with silent tears. "I am ever so sorry."

"I do not know what came over me. George made promises of love and devotion... yet they were all lies."

Fitzwilliam Darcy held his sister's delicate hands in his own, prompting the lithe young woman to gaze up at him finally. There was no anger in his expression, only concern.

"George Wickham is a scoundrel and a thief, Georgiana" He spoke very slowly, trying to control his temper.

Though his anger was directed at Mr.Wickham and not his sister, it was still keeping himself level headed. "You were charmed by his lies.

"One day, you will find a man who loves and cherishes you, and I will make sure the two of you are wed in proper society, not eloping like children"

For the first time in two days, the beautiful blonde girl smiled, and she nodded, relieved to hear her brother's words of comfort.

"You will?"

Fitzwilliam smiled at his sister, nodding immediately.

"I will always take care of you, Georgiana. I promise"

With those simple words, Georgiana's heart began the slow process of healing, after a heartbreak so deep she believed she'd never recover.

Her brother had shown her there was far more out there than met the eye, if only she dared find it.

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