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Kate's thoughts about her feelings for Richard and his declaration of love. She remembers; it's just easier to pretend she doesn't.

I remember

I remember everything.

I remember being shot.

I remember the pain, the searing hot pain. I remember falling. I remember it all!

I remember the blood pouring onto the floor, and you holding me so tight, as if you could save me with your love for me.

But how can I admit it out loud? If I admit I know what happened, I must admit I know the words you said to me.

I love you, you said, Rick. I love you. Three single words that shook my world even more than bullets or pain ever could.

I love you, you told me, and my life was turned upside down.

I still don't know how to react, and so I pretend I don't remember, even if I do, even if it's burnt in my mind forever.

I love you too, Richard Castle. I love you, but I can't risk opening up to you, I can't risk getting closer. Because when I love someone, they get hurt and I end up alone.

It's better to keep everyone at arm's length.

So yes, I remember... but I'm not going to let you know I do.

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