I miss my tiny human
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I miss my tiny human and I'm not sure where she went.

I miss my tiny human

I miss my tiny human.

She usually comes home every day after daycare, but she hasn't been here in a few days.

The big humans that take care of her come home at night, but she's not with them. Maybe she went on a short vacation? It's so strange she didn't take me with her!

I keep opening her bedroom door wishing to see her running to hug me... but she's nowhere to be seen.

Little human? Are you there?

This is our favorite book, but no one is here to read it to me.

This is the ball she loves to throw around.

Where could she be? All her clothes are still here!

Her favorite pink hat still smells like her. Like vanilla and giggles.

I don't know how laughter can have a smell, but when it comes to my tiny human, it does.

Maybe if I wait for her in her bed, she'll come in and cuddle with me while she takes a nap?

I hear the big humans crying outside her room, but I don't know why.

What's going on?

Why are the big humans putting me in this box?

It's so dark and cluttered in here.


Why won't my tiny human come looking for me?

I'm scared of the dark.

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