I love her... but can I trust her?
I love her... but can I trust her? supergirl stories

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Kara goes to her sister, Alex, for advice.

I love her... but can I trust her?

The question lingered in the air between the two sisters.

It was so complex Alex didn't quite know what to reply for the longest moment.

"I love her, Alex" Kara had confessed "I love Lena so much it hurts, I can't imagine being with anyone else. She's the most amazing girlfriend in the world. But she's... well, she's a Luthor."

"Can I truly trust her with my secret identity, even if we're dating?"

It took Alex a few seconds before she could even come up with the proper answer to her sister's question.

"Well, it's a tough one. But if you are dating her, if you imagine a future by her side, what you truly should ask yourself instead is: Can I be seriously dating someone I can't fully trust?"

It was Kara's turn to remain silent, staring at the floor quietly as she contemplated the right answer for such a burdened question.

"I know. I know, Alex, but if this goes to hell, I won't be just losing my girlfriend and my best friend, I will be handing my secret identity to a potential enemy."

"What happens if she ever follows her father and brother's step?"

"That is something you need to decide before you move any further with your relationship.

"This is not only about telling Lena about your identity, but knowing if you can seriously trust your girlfriend"

"I'll think about it" Kara finally replied, sighing heavily, clearly conflicted. "I'm still not sure what I'll do"

"You know I'll always be there for you sis" Alex assured her sister and hugged her warmly "Sleep on it, we'll talk about it again in the morning"

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