I have a headache!

I have a headache! power rangers stories

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Rita's plans are foiled once again by the Power Rangers... And she has a headache!

I have a headache!

"How can these damned kids always ruin my plans?!" Rita screeched in her throne room, holding her magic wand with anger and frustration.

Her minions bowed to her meekly, trying to avoid being on the receiving end of her fury or blows.

"They are just lucky, oh mighty queen!" Squatt offered, but was hit on the head nonetheless, and groaned as he stepped back.

"You are useless, that's the problem! This is why Zedd is always mad at me because you two can't do your job right!"

"If I hadn't married his repulsive being, I would still be flying around the universe!"

This time it was Baboo's time to endure her wrath, and was hit square on the head, prompting him to fall flat on his butt,

his wings fluttering hopelessly as he tried to make his way back onto his feet, only to be hit once more, sending him scrambling miserably away from Rita's reach.

"We will get them next time!" Squatt squealed in fear, covering himself from Rita's possible attacks, and bowing his head repeatedly.

"Shut up you blue, bumbling fool!" Rita shrieked, sending them away with nasty screams.

"Get out, you two! Leave me alone, I must find plans even you two idiots can ruin! I have such a headache!"

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