Hunting time
Hunting time the walking dead stories

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Daryl goes out hunting, but he's irritated about his preys.

Hunting time

"These goddamned walkers are getting on my last nerves!" Daryl mumbled under his breath in utter annoyance.

Being the hunter in the group, it was usually his role to go out and clean the area of any meddling lone walker.

If the group he encountered was too large, he was to return to the base and ask for backup, but cleaning daily meant this rarely, if ever, happened.

The survivors had managed to discover plenty of tricks and techniques to keep the walkers away, and this was a hell of a way to keep his aim sharp,

but it didn't mean that Daryl sometimes wasn't in the mood for it.

"I just want to go get a cold beer and relax, why do you guys keep popping up?"

He continued to talk to himself, as he extended his search once more thanks to another rogue walker stumbling close to the refuge's grounds.

He held his breath for a heartbeat, to ensure perfect aim, and shot his crossbow, hitting the damned creature straight in the head.

"There you go. Ten down before midday."

"Gotta call it a new personal record" Daryl chuckled lightly to himself and began walking back toward the fenced lands,

where he knew one of his friends would be waiting for him to return with a cold beer. He had earned it today, that much was not up for debate.

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