He's the sweetest kid I know
He's the sweetest kid I know steven universe stories

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Connie's thoughts of how her life has changed since she met Steven.

He's the sweetest kid I know

Steven is awesome.

My family is strict, and sometimes they don't understand me. I sometimes have to lie to them to stop them from getting mad.

There is a person in my life, though, that I never have to lie to. He's the sweetest kid I know.

It's Steven: He's brave and sweet and caring. He's always there for me, and I can't quite imagine my life without him.

He's my best friend, and I think I'd like to date him when we are older. Perhaps even marry him!

Steven is the sweetest kid I know. He's taught me so much and introduced me to all his friends. They are my friends as well now, and I get to accompany them on their missions.

My life is better just because he's in it.

I remember being so shy I barely could speak to people around me. I wasn't happy back then, but meeting him and learning from his brave way of living his life is inspiring.

I feel better about myself now... I used to feel so lonely, but now finally I have friends I can rely on.

I'm happy.

Steven is awesome. I wonder if he'll ever ask me out... or should I?

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