He's gone
He's gone lilith stories

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Lilith mourns Roland after he is murdered by Handsome Jack

He's gone

Lilith stood silent by Roland's memorial statue. She lost her lover, her best friend, the man she wanted to spend her life with.

She had been in love with him, even if they did not always see eye to eye, even if he was far more uptight than she would have wanted him to be.

They were polar opposites, sure, but how did the saying go? Opposites attract... well, that was the case with them.

Lilith had warned Roland against trusting Jack when they first met and she had been absolutely right.

She had been the one resposable for destroying Jack's face, but she had not been able to stop him, and in the end, she wished she had been wrong.

Roland was gone for good now, and though Jack had been defeated, there was nothing that would bring the love of her life back.

"I know it's hard..." Maya said, walking behind her and placing a comforting hand on Lilith's shoulder "But he died like a hero, that has to be worth something.

His actions saved a lot of people in the end"

"I know, and it's... something, I guess. It does make it less painful, but he's still gone" Lilith replied tearfully. At least she was surrounded by her friends, old and new.

At least they would always remember Roland with affection. It was something... but it wasn't enough.

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