Her mistake
Her mistake pride and prejudice stories

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Elizabeth reflects on her mistakes.

Her mistake

Elizabeth sat down silently by her bed, the letter resting on her lap. She had read it over and over again, the words written by Mr. Darcy touching her in a way she could not quite explain.

She had been so wrong about him. She should have never, ever believed Mr. Wickham's lies! She had been so foolish, so prideful, judging Mr.

Darcy too quick merely because she had been insulted by his words.

It was her mistake and regretfully that stupid, silly prejudice could cost her the love of a man she admired deeply.

After everything he had done for her family, she still couldn't bring herself to write to him. He had saved her sister's honor, he had saved her family from disgrace...

and the letter was by now yellowish. Too much time had elapsed since the moment he handed it to her, and yet they had been unable to discuss it.

Perhaps it was her fault, perhaps she did not dare face him.

Elizabeth closed her eyes, feeling a tear rolling down her cheek.

She wanted to call on him, yet was too embarrassed to do so. She wanted to write to him, yet what could she tell him?

If only she could turn back time and take back everything she had done and said. If only she could have accepted his proposal to marry her all those months back.

Now, she might never see him again.

"Elizabeth, Jane!" Lydia screamed, running around the house "Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are here!"

Elizabeth wiped her tears away and stepped outside her room. Perhaps, just perhaps... this might be the second chance she had been hoping for.

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