Her life in the shadows
Her life in the shadows borderlands stories

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Angel's life has not been easy, but she achieves freedom at the end.

Her life in the shadows

Angel had been locked forever by her father's cruelty and ambition. He claimed it was merely a way to restrain her powers after her mother's death, but both of them knew it was a lie.

She had been forced into betraying and hurting people, lying and manipulating, all to aid her father's plans and his desire for endless power.

She had been a stupid child, blindly obeying instead of fighting him.

It was hard doing anything about it. He was her father, and most importantly, he had locked her here, he controlled the interface in many ways.

She still had power of her own, but no true freedom, only servitude, nothing but servitude. And for what? For her father to become a dictator, collect power and make people's lives miserable.

She needed to make him stop, and the only way was to stop herself as well.

So Angel told the vault hunters exactly how to destroy her. Begged them to destroy her.

"You are not ending a happy life" She pleaded. "You are destroying a life of servitude, of manipulation and pain. I want to rest at last. I want to be away from my father's grip"

And so the Eridium Injectors were promptly destroyed, her body falling to the ground. Angel gasped for air, staring up onto the ceiling knowing at least in death, she'd be free. Free at last.

Her father tried, a last time, to manipulate her, to make her hurt those who opposed her. Not this time, though. Not any more. She was free, she knew, as she closed her eyes and let go.

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