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Genji and Mercy share a moving moment together.


"Dr. Ziegler?"

Angela was scribbling in her patient's chart, and looked up from it, at the man half-sitting on his hospital bed. How he survived, most of the doctors could not explain.

They all believed it as a medical miracle.

In many ways, it was, indeed. Yet without the cutting-edge technology used, his will to live, and Angela's own determination to keep him from passing away, none of it would have been possible.

Genji had once upon a time been a normal if hedonistic, young man. His life changed forever after the death of his father and the fight with his eldest brother.

Now, he was more machine than men, his body altered to allow him to continue living even after the extensive harm Hanzo had put him through.

"I've told you, Genji, call me Angela... or Mercy."

It was hard to tell, but under his mask, Angela was certain Genji was smiling. He would be able to take off his mask in time, but for now, he needed it to help him heal better.

"You've been like an angel to me. I don't know why you worked so hard to help me survive"

"It's my responsibility, Genji, and I take it very seriously. Now, what you do with your new opportunity, is completely up to you. I hope you'll use this second chance for good"

Genji nodded, determined to make his savior proud.

"I will, I promise... Mercy"

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