He can't die!
He can't die! percy jackson stories

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Annabeth struggles to get Percy to the lake after he is lethally wounded.

He can't die!

Annabeth dragged Percy inch by inch, struggling with her own wounds.

They had barely escaped that horrible Minotaur, and though she had cuts and bruises all over, she was going to be alright with a bit of time to recover.

Percy, on the other hand, that silly seaweed brain, had gotten in front of her to take the whole blow of a horrible attack, and now he was on the brink of death!

"Don't you die on me, Percy!" She screamed, sobbing miserably as she continued to drag him as fast as she could.

It was hard when every inch of her body hurt like hell! "It's only a few more feet, just a bit further and we can get you in the water!"

That was all she needed to do: Get him in the lake and have him heal by the powers granted to him by his father, the God Poseidon. But if he died before they reached it... NO!

Annabeth refused to even think about the possibility. But his breathing was so shallow now, he was so hurt!

"Please, Percy, please" She pleaded, whimpering and trembling all over.

With a last effort, she pulled at him hard and got him to roll into the water, collapsing onto the ground and staring at him, barely able to breathe.

"Please, please, please..." She whispered, staring straight at him for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, though, she saw it: His wounds began to slowly, yet steadily, heal.

"Oh, thank the Gods" Annabeth smiled, struggling to sit up, and smiling at Percy as he weakly opened his eyes "You're going to be ok, seaweed brain"

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