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How can Malia ever overcome the guilt of murdering her family?


Malia refused to shift back into her human form. She didn't deserve to be a normal woman, not after what she did, not after murdering her entire family.

There were times when she tried to return to her normal self, that was the truth, but even when she attempted to do so with all her willpower,

Malia remained unable to withstand the transformation.

She was a werecoyote and was resigned to remain that way through her entire life, until her dying day. Perhaps it was for the best.

She was clearly wild, a broken being. Why else would she have murdered her entire family? Her sister! She didn't deserve to be a normal teenager.

Malia roamed the forests silently, keeping a small refuge where she could make sure her sister's doll would be kept safe from the rain and the wind.

She couldn't allow herself to lose that as well. It was all she had left from her sister, after all.

Even if she murdered her, Malia had loved her dearly. She would have given everything up to hug her again... to see her alive.

She was a monster, there was no other way around it. And now she'd have to learn to live with the consequences of her actions.

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