Goodbye, Beth
Goodbye, Beth the walking dead stories

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A broken-hearted Darryl sits with Carol to say a last goodbye to Beth.

Goodbye, Beth

She had been a hopeless, annoying optimist, and yet through time, she had begun to grow on him. Daryl had helped her train, become more efficient and stronger.

They had traveled together, just the two of them, for quite some time, drunk together, shared secrets. He cared for her, even if it hurt to admit it.

Earlier that day, he had been forced to carry her body outside Grady Memorial Hospital. He had almost managed to save her along with Carol, but in the end, the world never was quite that fair.

"Daryl, I am truly sorry about what happened" Carol spoke quietly, sitting by his side as they watched the spot in the ground where he had buried her.

"Yeah," He mumbled. If Daryl was usually not a man of many words, he was quieter still that night.

"She's resting now, with all the people she loved."

"Do you really believe that bullshit?" He snapped, giving his friend a frustrated glare.

"No... not really. But that's what people say when someone dies."

Daryl sighed, shaking his head and offering Carol the half-empty bottle of vodka.

"Just drink with me to her honor and be quiet."

Carol nodded and took a long gulp. She and Daryl sat there, in silent, thinking of the moments they had shared with the young girl they had just lost.

"Goodbye, Beth" Daryl muttered, resting his hand on the ground and gulping down a quiet sob.

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