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Maya is considered a Goddess and feared by all those in Athens, but she soon realizes the truth behind this lie.


She had trained all her life in the shadows, hidden from the common man's eyes.

She had been kept in the Order of the Impending Storm since childhood, and little by little turned into everything the monks wanted her to be.

What a fool Maya had been! She had trusted them, she had followed their commands, she had stopped her desires for adventure and self-discovery because she was supposed to be one of them.

And yet she saw the fear in people's eyes whenever they saw her in her native Athenas. They were afraid of her, of their so-called goddess, and she couldn't comprehend why at first.

She didn't mean them any harm!

Little by little, however, the truth came to light.

She understood what the order's true intentions were: To bring fear into these poor people's hearts and force them into obedience,

force them to pay ridiculous amounts of money to supposedly be safe from the Goddess' wrath.

She approached her handler, Brother Sophis, and accused him, but he only told her it was her duty to obey orders,

that she had to execute people she was certain were innocent yet the monk insisted they were criminals. Maya showed him, then, showed him how she was done following commands.

Using the powers she had been trained to achieve as a child, she paralyzed him in the air, creating the same large, purple orb she often used while practicing. Phaselock, they called it.

Whatever it was called, it meant her victim had nowhere to run, floating defensively in the air.

"It's you who deserves to be executed" She hissed, knowing those would be the last words he heard before she fulfilled her promise.

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