Girls' night out
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Kara and Lena enjoy a girl's night out, but Lena has too much to drink.

Girls' night out

It had been a long day and both Kara and Lena thought they deserved a night out together. A few drinks would have them relax and get over the mess their week was being so far.

"I am being bombarded by interview requests" Lena protested as she finished her second drink of the night, and motioned for the waitress to pour her a refill.

"Woah, you should think of pacing yourself," Kara said, surprised. If this was the speed Lena was gulping down her alcohol, she'd soon be drunk off her ass.

And sure enough, it didn't take long before Lena was tipsy and acting silly, giggling at everything Kara said.

She was even beginning to act flirtatious, throwing her long, dark hair back and giving Kara what could only be described as 'dreamy eyes'.

"You are gorgeous, did you know what?" Lena asked between giggles, sometime after her fifth drink. "You and supergirl surely are the most gorgeous women in all of this city"

"Well, thanks" Kara mumbled, chuckling sheepishly and blushing furiously "But I think that's alcohol talking"

"Perhaps" Lena replied flirtatiously, giving her best friend a little wink. She wobbled back and forth and barely avoided falling flat on her ass.

"I think it's time to call it a night, Lena" Kara frowned quietly, worried about her best friend. Perhaps the pressures of her busy life were getting to her "I'll take you home"

"You are the best, Kara. And the cutest too!"

Kara chuckled once more, helping Lena out onto the street. She wondered if Lena thought the same when she was sober, and looking at her friend, she truly hoped she would.

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