Getting lost in the woods
Getting lost in the woods short story stories

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An old man welcomes lost travelers into his cabin, and he seems to have been expecting them.

Getting lost in the woods

Welcome, my dear travelers.

I imagine your journey was long and exhausting. This is not the time for idle politeness, my friends; take a seat and drink. Drink to my health or to yours, whichever suits you best.

Come, sit near the fire, you are shivering. Yes, I know the fireplace wasn't lit a second ago. An old man like myself is bound to learn a few tricks down the road, don't you think?

It hasn't stopped raining in the last few years. You're lucky you found this cabin, you know.

I'm the only one left.

What's that you're whispering among yourselves? You were under the impression that you were walking into a ghost town?

Well, you are only half wrong: welcome to the Spring Valley.

Yes, I can understand that its name doesn't quite fit the landscape you were walking through a few minutes ago.

Let us not speak about such macabre matters, though, nor attract the storms of melancholy into this home; it is too dark by its own merits already, no need to help it grow any gloomier.

I am glad to have visitors. Someone to talk to. I haven't spoken to another human being in so long... I say human, because I have my animals to keep me company.

They do a great job, don't get me wrong. But an old man like myself gets bored of doing all the talking from time to time.

Your rooms are ready if you wish to rest for a while. Don't look so surprised, dear travelers. I have been waiting for your arrival for so long...

I hope you will excuse me if you notice a layer of dust on the furniture. I wasn't sure when exactly you'd be arriving, after all.

I suppose you are exhausted from the long journey. It's the tricky part about getting lost in the forest, especially during our rainy season.

No, don't try to explain how you got lost, or how you got close enough to my windows to notice that someone inhabited this god-forsaken place.

I will not meddle in their affairs if they promise to meddle in mine.

Let us, travelers, leave the old stories and questions for the morning. Although you won't notice the difference between day and night with this rain.

Years ago the night took over this land. Don't look scared, I'm harmless. Young men like yourself could knock me down using a single hand.

Rest, drink, and eat.

Tomorrow will be another night.

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