First kiss
First kiss attack on titan stories

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Eren and Mikasa share their first kiss.

First kiss

They had escaped certain death, surrounded by titans who would end up destroying and eating not only them but the rest of their scouting group.

Somehow Eren had saved them, managed to run away with her on tow, managed to ensure their survival and even that of their friends.

It was unlike anything Mikasa had ever seen.

Meanwhile, Eren was shocked by how open Mikasa had been about her feelings for her. She was usually so cold and level headed.

She had been emotional and sweet, and he had loved her all the more for it.

Now, recovering from their wounds in the infirmary, Eren had stood up from his bed and stepped toward her own, much to Mikasa's surprise.

"You told me a lot of things today" He spoke, as she watched him with surprise "I didn't get to say much"

"It's ok, Eren... you saved us. There is nothing you need to say" She replied with a small smile, relieved and embarrassed she had finally told him just how much he meant for her.

"But I want to say it. I love you, Mikasa, I always have"

"I love you as well, Eren"

Eren sat by her side, placing his hand on her cheek.

"I love you, but not just as an adoptive brother" He explained. Mikasa blushed and opened her eyes wide, her smile growing wider. Before she could say anything at all, Eren kissed her.

Their first kiss.

Mikasa felt herself melting against his lips, and for the first time in years, she didn't mind feeling vulnerable. That kiss was worth it.

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