First kiss
First kiss percy jackson stories

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Percy and Annabeth share their first kiss.

First kiss

Percy and Annabeth sat together near the bonfire. Most of the other demigods were already leaving the site, heading over to their own beds.

It was getting late, but neither of them wanted to part ways yet.

"You know, I've been thinking..." Muttered Percy, trying to find the courage to finally tell Annabeth how he felt about her.


"We have been friends for such a long time"

"We have"

"And... You once told me you had strong feelings for me. You just didn't know if they were good or bad feelings"

Annabeth chuckled and nodded. She remembered their conversation rather vividly.

"I did"

"And do you know now? If those feelings are good or bad?"

Annabeth blushed, unable to avoid smiling at Percy as she stared deep into his eyes.

"I guess I do"

"Would you mind telling me?" He asked, holding her hand tenderly, and moving closer to her. So close his nose brushed against her.

"I think I love you, Percy" She admitted, never once staring away from his handsome face. Her blue gaze so intense and gorgeous.

"I love you too, Annabeth..." He whispered, relieved he finally was able to utter those words.

Leaning in just another inch forward, he kissed her deeply, feeling her warmth against his skin.

Their first kiss.

Percy would never forget this night.

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